Simple Styling Solutions
for unruly hair

The Original African Butterfly Hair Comb.

Comfortable without damaging your hair.


Styling your hair shouldn't result in damage.
It is essential to choose hair accessories wisely to avoid any potential harm.
Traditional hair accessories can cause damage to the delicate hair shaft.
This can lead to breakage, split ends, and overall weakened hair.
To prevent these issues, we recommend hair accessories that prioritize comfort. This way you can style your hair without compromising its health.
Your hair deserves to look fabulous.

Tame Your Hair

What Makes African Butterfly Combs Great?

• They are simple to use.
• They work well with all hair types.
• Say goodbye to headaches and hair damage.
• They securely hold your hair without elastic bands.
• They lie flat against your head for a comfortable fit.
• Our combs are lightweight and durable.
• Our designs are elegant and sophisticated.
• Our combs are perfect for any occasion.
• Style your hair within secon ds.
• Once styled, the combs stay in place all day long.
• Choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.


“These hair clips are so amazing that it will complement any outfit that you’re wearing. Quick and easy and in seconds you're styling. I use mine every day!”

As a student I don't have time to spend hours in front of a mirror. On top of that I cannot afford to style my hair every six weeks. This comb make my life easier.

“Their clips are super amazing quality. I always get compliments on my appearance. They perfect for holding my hair up during an intense workout!”

...from our hands to your hands...

...from our hands to your hands...

Handwoven with love.