Our Story

Founded in 2000 by Thea and Richard Gladwin, the African Butterfly Group is a leading global supplier of innovative hair accessories. With a pesence on every continent, the Company has revolutionized the industry and is recognized as a Fair trade Company.

Our Patented products are manufactured and exported worldwide, known for their exceptional durability. Our hairclips are not only innovative, but also exceptionally durable, each product is backed by a one-year guarentee.

These clips are designed to be functional and comfortable, allowing you to effortlessly style your hair in various elegant ways. As a leading manufacturer we continuously strive to create high quality products with cutting-edge designs. With a rich history spanning over two decades, we have honed our skills serving customers like yourself, offering umparelled assistance in finding the perfect accessories that align with your distinct style and personal requirements.

By purchasing an African Butterfly® product, you contribute to the reduction of unemployment and poverty in Africa. Our hair clips are suitable for all hair types, from the shortest and thinnest to the longest and thickest.

We are committed to fair trade practices and take pride in delivering the best products from our hands to yours.

Richard Gladwin
Richard GladwinFounder
Thea Gladwin
Thea GladwinFounder

African weavers in traditional dress

...from our hands to your hands...

...from our hands to your hands...

Handwoven with love.